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About Our Private Personal Training

Do you want real results that last? Do you want a complete program that will get you results without wasting your time AND money? If you’ve answered “Yes” to both of these questions, then look no further, as we provide the BEST Personal Training in Otay Ranch, Chula Vista, CA.

ELITE CONDITIONING’s Private Personal Training is designed specifically for YOU, based on YOUR goals, limitations, and experience.

The first step is to setup your initial consultation to identify your short and long-term goals, areas of improvement, set realistic timeframes based on current status, identify setbacks/obstacles, and how we’ll be able to game plan for your success.

This information allows us to build your personalized program to optimize results, and put you in the best situation to be successful. Included in your program is your complete training routine, both resistance training and cardio, macro-based nutrition plan that evolves as you progress, supplement recommendations, ongoing support, and much more.

Personal Training

Our most popular service, training 2 or more times per week! We provide you our all-inclusive offerings, where we give you EVERYTHING you need to be successful in your fitness journey, all while taking the guesswork out for you.

Personal Training

This is the exact same service as above, but for those who want to train at a smaller frequency per week. Ideal for those who want to check-in with their coach, but can execute the majority of their workouts on their own.

Small Group Training

This service is perfect for small groups of 2-4 people (including yourself), who have like-minded goals and want to work together for greater support, camaraderie, and motivation. You’ll each receive your personalized & complete program to support your goals and results, but work together to achieve them.

Sport Performance Training

Do you have a sport you’re trying to improve your skill in? We have the ability to make you an ELITE athlete! As athletes ourselves and having a background in sports performance and strength & conditioning, we have the know-how and knowledge to make you a better athlete overall, and have you stand-out above the crowd.

Youth / Senior Training

Age is nothing but a number to us. If you’re a teenager who wants to get better at a sport or just improve your physique, we can help! If you’re considered a “senior,” no worries, we’ll improve your activities of daily living and make you feel younger!

Bridal / Wedding Training

Your wedding is a special day, one to remember, so why not look amazing? Do you have a wedding to get in-shape for? Do you want to walk down the isle and shock & awe your guests with an amazing figure? If so, let us help! We’ll get you the body you desire and remember for a long time, that you can showcase during your special day.

Postpartum Training

Recently gave birth, whether it was natural or a C-section? Frustrated with your body and/or appearance? Don’t stress! Giving birth is an amazing and beautiful process (we’ve been there…twice!), and we can help you get your body back to amazing shape!

Father Fitness

Are you a Dad who wants to “hang” with your kid(s)? Want to be fit and healthy overall, so you can support for your children and family long-term? We can help! We pride ourselves and services to make sure we put your health and fitness first, so that you can support others, especially the ones you love.


Not sure what your goals are, but do know that you want to improve your health, fitness, and lifestyle? Then schedule your FREE consultation! We’ll cover ALL basis, and provide a clear direction in where you want to go, and take it from there.

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Client Testimonials

…I’ve done a few workout DVDs here and there but nothing I really committed to for a long time. For the most part, I was new to fitness in general. I had a lot of body fat on me and didn’t have a lot strength. Jon is incredibly supportive and knew how to keep me motivated. He’s professional but very approachable. It didn’t take long to see that my body was changing. The body fat was dropping and I was getting stronger. The interesting thing about it was, I was also having fun….
Mark C.

Oceanside, CA

Jon is incredibly professional and he will push you to points you didn’t even know you could reach. Always working with you though, he always asks about my knees and in the rare occasions that they flare up he will instantly change whatever workout he had planned, but don’t think he’ll go easy on you, I still sweat as if I had just done 45 minutes of cardio. I can’t do a pull-up but he told me I would and you know what, I believe him. I thank him after each session of kick-ass Training but I don’t think he realizes that I am not only thanking him for his time that he puts into that one session, I am thanking him for the impact he has had on my life and how grateful I am…

Adriana C.

Veterinary Technician, San Diego, CA

Jon took into account muscle weakness’ and imbalances in my body so that I could bring an even more amazing body to the stage! The workouts he created were killer to say least! I thought I had been working out before I started training with him but apparently not! We met twice a week for training and I worked out of my own the rest of the days. Even within the first couple of weeks of working out with Jon I was noticing changes in my strength and body! It was so motivating and exciting for me!…

Haley M.

Oceanside, CA

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