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Have aspirations to compete in your first fitness competition, or looking for a new contest prep coach to guide you all the way THROUGH your competition, even after stepping on stage? Let ELITE CONDITIONING coach you from start to finish.

Our contest prep methods are known to be enjoyable, utilizing real exercise and nutritional science to get your physique where it should be for your competition without spending endless hours of cardio and “cookie-cutter” diet plans. In fact, we want to get you winning results, the correct way, with minimal cardio and allowing you to eat what you want, so that you don’t binge eat after your competition, and have a safe reverse dieting process post-competition.

Contest Prep – ELITE

Our ELITE service is the entire package, where we create your entire program from start to finish (nutrition, training, cardio, supplementation, Peak Week, and day-of programming). No stone is left unturned with this service option.

Contest Prep – Nutrition

Our NUTRITION service covers all of your nutrition contest prep needs, from: macronutrient ratios, supplementation, adjustments to progress your forward, Peak Week and day-of programming, and much more.

Contest Prep – In Person

Our IN-PERSON service is our ELITE Contest Prep service with our Private Personal Training service included. If you need additional, in-person, attention towards your fitness competition, this service is just for you…everything is included.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

…I found Jon’s website and after doing some research I decided he could help. Over a period of several months, Jon worked with me to get my nutrition on track to compete at the end of May. Week to week he evaluated my progress, and made intelligent changes to my nutrition and cardio plan. By following the program, I was able to make constant progress towards my goal of stepping on stage. Partially due to my work and unforeseen circumstances, I wasn’t perfect. I had some setbacks and teeter-tottered a bit through my journey. Jon was very supportive and understanding of that, life happens after all. Jon promotes the dieting concept of If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) which is by far the most comfortable and pain free way to diet. The freedom to eat whatever you want, so long as you can budget for it, makes the process much easier mentally. He is also very knowledgeable on nutrition in general, and answered any questions I came up with along the way…

Danny P.

USMC, Camp Pendleton, CA

…I re-started in January of 2018 with the plan to compete in a bodybuilding competition in the late summer, bikini division. We started out with the goal of building quality lean muscle so that I could optimize my physique for the competition. I was losing so much fat weight in the process that Jon actually increased my calories during this time! I did an eight-week prep starting in June for an August competition. Jon came up for my show that August to support me and I took home 3rd place in both Bikini Novice and Bikini Open! I know that I brought an awesome package and personally feel that I was 1st place worthy with my muscle development and overall physique compared to the other girls’ packages, but for my 1st show 3rd place was a great achievement. The main judge had reached out to Jon immediately after the awards and shared that my conditioning was “pro stage worthy” had I come in a bit tighter. I value the personalized feedback, and so the plan moving forward for my next show is to have a longer prep period after improving my physique even more through reverse dieting, aka “improvement season”…

Amanda M.

Registered Nurse, Santa Rosa, CA

…I personally loved the way Jon maintained my program throughout my prep down to the last detail. He held me accountable and was right there to cheer me on and acknowledge my achievements no matter how big or small. This meant so much to me. Going through this experience there are highs and lows and its important you have a strong support group. I felt great during the entire process and would highly recommend Jon for any fitness goal you may have. Be it competing or just looking to be your personal best. With his instruction and nutrition guidelines I coasted on into my first Figure Competition and won two trophies!! Not bad for a first time single mom of 39!! I feel stronger than I ever have and in the best shape of my life. After the show Jon also helped me with reverse dieting so as to not blow up after or suffer from post comp bindging and excess weight gain. This aspect is also very important and having someone competent like Jon made all the difference!!…

Hilary B.

Cotati, CA

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