About a year and a half ago I returned to the gym a single mom, newly divorced, and slightly over-weight. I hit the gym having previous knowledge of fitness and weight training but no real purpose other than to feel better and have something that made me feel positive about myself during an uncertain time in my life. I slowly began to see changes. I started to increase my weight training and work with a trainer at my local gym to enable me to make more out of my workouts and progress at the gym. My workouts became better but I still needed to change my diet and get some extra assistance. I learned of Elite Conditioning after knowing Jon McQueen personally for several years. I started to follow him online as he lives in Southern California and I am located near the Bay Area. I watched him start his business in San Diego and also compete in his first body building competition. He would post pictures of his diet, training and progress and I was beyond blown away! He expressed his work ethic, his desire to help others achieve their goals and a great training and diet plan that works with the body’s science. No gimics or magic potions, just hard work and simple customized programs. I sent him a message and inquired if he could help me go to the next level and give me the guidance and support I needed. For the past several months, through online coaching, he has provided me with a diet plan, tracked my progress, and supported me all the way!! I can expect timely responses to any questions or concerns I have and he holds me accountable with tough love and truly educated instruction. He has studied, trained, practiced, and knows what he is talking about. His passion for this industry is so incredible and I admire him and what he has achieved personally and professionally! The best part about Jon is he expects you to try your best always, stay consistent, and stay positive. All these things he practices himself on a daily basis. So no matter what your fitness goals are, by choosing Elite Conditioning, you are guaranteed to have a teacher and training partner who will be there for you every step of the way!!! The changes I have made are now a lifestyle that I will be living forever! Thank you Elite Conditioning!!

Hilary B.

Online Coaching Client | Rohnert Park, CA

So, I was always a big girl. The kind of girl that at 11 years old measures 5’5”, weight 155lbs, and is fully developed. I was the fat cousin in the family always beating everyone to the punches and insulting myself before they could get to me; a well known defense mechanism. In high school I measured 5’8” and weighed 185lbs. my final 2 years at SDSU I put on the most weight tipping the loathed scale at 210lbs with a dress size of 16-17 and have no one to blame but myself. I didn’t eat a lot but what I did eat was crap, with no physical activity whatsoever except working as a veterinary technician which I felt was more than enough exercise! Well, my weight and all the insecurities that come with it kept me from doing things I enjoyed such as singing in front of people, going to the clubs downtown with my slimmer friends and worst of all it had me fearing a massive coronary at a young age. I hoped I would get a Trainer that would kick my butt and make my lazy ass work! Sometimes you get just what you ask for and his name is Jon McQueen. I realized that my knees were impeding me from doing certain exercises and that if I continued without proper guidance I was going to hurt myself. Jon assured me he was certified to work with my hindrance so I signed up and haven’t looked back. I lost 59lbs with his help, not to mention the muscle mass I am building. The scale hardly budges now but I fit into size 7 jeans the other day and I still have a long way to go. I am not even close to done!!! Jon is incredibly professional and he will push you to points you didn’t even know you could reach. Always working with you though, he always asks about my knees and in the rare occasions that they flare up he will instantly change whatever workout he had planned, but don’t think he’ll go easy on you, I still sweat as if I had just done 45 minutes of cardio. I can’t do a pull-up but he told me I would and you know what, I believe him. I thank him after each session of kick-ass Training but I don’t think he realizes that I am not only thanking him for his time that he puts into that one session, I am thanking him for the impact he has had on my life and how grateful I am. Personal Trainers are here to show us what we can do on our own to better our lives but we have to have that drive and take the initiative. It isn’t supposed to be easy, and if it is, then you’re not working hard enough. So thank you Jon, for helping me become the person I knew was always there: The best possible version of me!”

Adriana C.

Veterinary Technician, Personal Training Client | San Diego, CA

When the excuses finally ran out, I realized it was time to take action about my body and my health. I also knew I needed the direction, support and accountability that come with working with a trainer. I searched and read around for a bit and decided to meet with Jon. When I finally did, I knew he was the right fit for me.

I’ve done a few workout DVDs here and there but nothing I really committed to for a long time. For the most part, I was new to fitness in general. I had a lot of body fat on me and didn’t have a lot strength. Jon is incredibly supportive and knew how to keep me motivated. He’s professional but very approachable. It didn’t take long to see that my body was changing. The body fat was dropping and I was getting stronger. The interesting thing about it was, I was also having fun.

I learned a lot from Jon, the most important of which are consistency, dedication and discipline. I have a primary goal that was for my health (I have a family history of diabetes). But to be completely honest, my personal goal was to not be completely embarrassing with my shirt off. Thanks to Jon’s support, I now have a direction to go to where I was mostly clueless before.

Mark C.

Personal Training Client | Oceanside, CA

I began training with Jon McQueen in April of 2008. Before doing so, it had been over a year since I had worked out consistently and I had become a master of coming up with excuses of why I couldn’t get to the gym and eat better. I hadn’t gained a substantial amount of weight, but I was completely out of shape and extremely unhappy with not only the way I looked, but also how I felt. Once I started training with Jon, my entire outlook on my health and my fitness expectations changed. He has kept me focused not only physically, but mentally. His direction and guidance has allowed me to maintain a consistent work out regime, even when I am traveling on business. In the first 8 months with Jon, I lost 14 lbs and 9% body fat, and I have been able to maintain my weight and fitness level since that time. I could not have accomplished this without Jon. I continue to see Jon twice per week and I join his boot camps whenever my work schedule allows. I feel very fortunate to have Jon as my trainer and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to commit to getting in shape!”

Erin C.

Litigation Manager, Personal Training Client & Boot Camp Member | San Diego, CA

I started training with Jon in January with a specific goal of training for a June bicycle trip in Italy. Jon identified my weaknesses and help me improve especially my core, leg strength and nutrition. He knows just how far to push you without causing injury. You are sore but in a good way. As I trained with him I felt myself getting stronger and having more endurance. Jon has a wealth of knowledge in fitness and nutrition and is willing to share it. If you asked him a question he is not familiar with he hits the books to get the answer. Thanks to Jon…I had a wonderful trip and am inspired to make my fitness level to the next step.”

Peggy C.

Account Representative, Personal Training Client | San Diego, CA

Jon has been an exceptional trainer. I’ve trained with many different trainers in the past, and Jon is one that I will stick with for good. He has made all of our workouts unique and right for my body structure. He’s more then a trainer, he’s become part of my weekly life and has helped me get my body back in shape after having a baby 4 months ago. I can tell that Jon continues to further his knowledge in the industry and keeps up to date and current with new education to continue to improve himself and our workouts. I’m very impressed by Jon and look forward to our workouts.”

Angela D.

Business Development, Personal Training Client | La Jolla, CA

This may sound like a clique but it is the truth, “Boot Camp has changed my life.” I am a 54-year-old woman who lived with arthritis pain for the past 25 years. August of last year, I had three foot surgeries because of arthritis deterioration in my toes, and have had received cortisone injections in my spine because of arthritis in my lower back. I had gained 30 lbs. and hated life. Wanting to lose weight and knowing that I would not do it by myself, when I saw Jon’s boot camp class in Balboa Park I joined. This class was the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life! But after the first couple of weeks of classes, I felt a change coming over me. My mine set was changing. I was becoming mentally stronger. The classes were still hard but, I knew that I could do it, and if I could do boot camp, then I could do anything. Jon taught me how to get the best nutrition from my meals, and how to recognize the difference between bad carbs and good carbs. By changing the way I eat, my weight started dropping. I have lost 10 lbs. so far! But the most miraculous change is that I no longer live in pain from my arthritis. Boot camp class has empowered me to know that I can accomplish whatever I set my mine to.”

Mpaji E.

Boot Camp Member | San Diego, CA

Jon is an amazing trainer. I have been working with him now for just over a month and, in that short time I have felt and seen a huge difference in myself compared to working out alone for over a year.  Jon helped me to understand the importance of nutrition and gave direction specific to my goals. Training with Jon is amazing! He pushes you to your limit and then pushes you a little further! He doesn’t scream at you or get overly excited which would definitely scare me away, instead he has the perfect demeanor to get you motivated and to beat your personal best. I really enjoy Jon’s Boot Camps, they are intense and packed full of workouts that really make you push your body. The feeling of accomplishment I get after finishing each one keeps me coming back for more!”

Courtney F.

Personal Training Client & Boot Camp Member | San Diego, CA

I’ve had the privilege to work with Jon McQueen and see him use his training skills to the maximum. No one that I know pushes you harder through your workouts to maximize your potential than he does. Jon is an excellent trainer with passion, motivation, and the desire to help people reach their fitness goals. I highly recommend Jon as your trainer!”

Nick G., BS, CPT

Past Associate of Jon | San Diego, CA

Thank you for all your help over these last 3 months; you have taught me some invaluable skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am down more than a dress size and am much healthier. In addition to the weight loss, I have lost almost 3 inches off my hips, I am also down 3% in body fat, and my resting heart rate has gone from an average of 73 bpm to 65 bpm. The weight training program you provided has allowed me to build more muscle tone and to be much stronger. I know when I started, I could only do about 5 push-ups (and that’s probably being a little generous) and now I can do 20. All in all I am much happier, healthier, and harder to kill. J I really cannot thank you enough. I hope to be able to business with you in the future and I will continue to carry these lessons with me on my journey of being healthier.

Laura G.

Online Coaching Client | San Diego, CA

1) I could tell Jon had a real passion for training his clients and helping me reach my goals from day one. He continually strives to help me learn and understand how I need to work out. Severe knee arthritis brought me to the gym but Jon and his enthusiasm and knowledge have taught me to enjoy entire body workouts. 2) Been going to Jon for almost 4 years and couldn’t ask for a better trainer. Do you want results? This is your man. He has the knowledge and expertise to help you attain your goals. I started going 2 times a week, but realized I needed one more day, even though I was getting results with just twice a week. If you see results of course your motivation kicks in. Start the year out right with the right trainer, you won’t be sorry, maybe just sore.”

Debby H.

Member Service Representative, Personal Training Client | San Diego, CA

I have only been working with Jon for 6 weeks, but the results I have seen so far have been amazing. He has put together a comprehensive and personalized workout plan to help me recover from a back injury.  In the short time I have been training with him, I have noticed a significant increase in my core strength as well as flexibility and can participate in sports without the fear of injury.”

Sam H.

Sr. ERP Systems Analyst, Personal Training Client & Boot Camp Member | San Diego, CA

Elite Conditioning is great! Jon and Jim are motivating and experienced in both fitness and giving nutritional advice. Having a group to work out with makes it fun and rewarding since we all push each other to do our best and keep working through the fatigue.

Hayley H.

Boot Camp Member | Oceanside, CA

Jon’s Boot-camp training is superb. He does an excellent job of balancing your individual needs with that of the group. I always felt challenged but never (much) beyond my limits. Thanks Jon!”

Eric J.

Project Manager, Boot Camp Member | San Diego, CA

When I first checked in to getting a personal trainer, I was very skeptical. I have a really bad knee that has been totally reconstructed twice. I was afraid that working out with a trainer might re-injure my knee. Jon quickly put my mind at ease from the first session with him. I met Jon and started working out with him over a year ago and have enjoyed my sessions greatly. He puts a lot of effort into picking the right exercises I need to acquire my personal goals, without re-injuring my knee. Jon’s attitude and significant knowledge make a great asset to anyone looking to get in shape.”

April K.

Personal Training Client | San Diego, CA

I am writing to you as a changed woman. Over the past two and a half months, I have grown from a weak, overweight and unhappy person to one who is strong, lean and energized. I owe much of this success to my personal trainer, Jon McQueen. When I met Jon, I weighed more than I ever had in my entire life. How did I get that way? Like many women, the ups and downs of life began overshadowing the passion I once had for working out. The biggest blow to my personal goals came when I lost my mom a year and a half ago – after that, the gym became unimportant. Finally, I found the motivation to exercise again. In addition to losing weight, I wanted to become healthier and stronger and eventually return to a modeling career that I had abandoned. I had every intention of getting back in shape on my own, but figured I would “jumpstart” my personal efforts. Once I met Jon, I immediately became addicted to the customized and challenging workouts he designed for me, and continued with him three times a week. Unlike personal trainers I have had before, Jon had a very strong approach to workouts – and it was all business with very socializing. I was inspired by his focus and commitment to helping me achieve my fitness goals, while keeping each and every workout exciting, challenging and unique. With Jon’s help, the pounds, body fat and inches have naturally come off. Over the past two and a half months I have become stronger, faster, leaner – and of course – smaller. I couldn’t even do one push-up when I started, and now I can do 20! We are currently halfway to my target weight, but as far as I’m concerned, my primary goals – to become healthy and happy – have already been accomplished. As my strength and endurance have increased, Jon has creatively made my workouts more and more challenging. His workouts always leave me energized and wanting more. Some day, I will reach my target weight, but that won’t end my relationship with Jon. There are always bigger and better fitness goals to create and achieve. Looking back on my pathetic level of physical fitness before training makes me realize how truly grateful I am to be back in a place of strength, balance and total health.”

Nicole K.

Personal Training Client | San Diego, CA

As a military service member, I had always been considered “athletic”, I could meet the physical fitness standards and that was about it. It wasn’t until my second deployment to Afghanistan I really got into lifting weights and really enjoying it. Someone had asked me if I ever considered doing fitness competitions. That sparked my interest and I was introduced to the world of bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

After returning from deployment I received orders and moved to the southern California area. I then become pregnant with my second child. I told myself I would be a “fit mom” and still go to the gym, but sickness and exhaustion from the demands of work took over and let myself go terribly. I gained about 50 pounds with my pregnancy. I delivered a 9lb 7oz baby boy in August of 2015 and after the 6 weeks recovery I was roughly 150lbs. For someone who is only 5’2, 150lbs did not look so great on me.

In October, I started back at the gym but had no motivation or energy. After the holidays had come and gone I told myself it was time to get serious about my fitness. I wanted to compete, so I asked people around the gym that had competed before, where I could find a coach or someone to help me. A good friend referred me to Jon McQueen so I reached out. I was nervous to meet with Jon at first. I thought he would take one look at me and think I was a lost cause to compete. I had my consultation with him in February of 2016 and I loved everything about his programs. He explained how macros worked and how I could still eat what I wanted as long as they fit my macros. I started my program in March and it took me some time to shed some weight but once I did I was very happy with how things where turning out.

In June, I went to the Dallas Europa show with my best friend who competes and just being around that competitive atmosphere brought back my aspiration to compete. I told Jon I was ready to find a show and commit to it. I picked a November show and when the time came, Jon switched gears and I began my 12 week show prep. Not much changed at first since I had already been on a “weight loss goal” type of program.

At about 6 weeks in I struggled a bit with school demands, mommy life, and all that goes into preparing for a show. I wanted to quit. Jon, along with my support system, helped me through and I stuck it out. I had always dreamed of doing a show and it was finally becoming a reality.

On November 5th stepped out on stage at 116lbs and even placed 5th in my class. I never thought I would place, but with Jon’s knowledge, advice, and constant counseling I reached my goals. I will continue to compete and as Jon as my coach I hope to see 1st place one day!

Vanessa L.

Online Coaching & Contest Prep Client | Hubert, NC

When I first started working out and getting serious about weight lifting it was more than about getting healthy, I wanted to see what my body was capable of!

I tried and I tried on my own and just couldn’t mind the motivation and accountability that I needed to transform my body. I was pretty clueless, especially when it came to what to eat to achieve my goals! I had always tried to “eat clean” and sure, I had results, but the thought of having to eat boiled chicken and steamed broccoli the rest of my life to maintain the little results I achieved was terrifying. I needed to try a different approach!

I had been contacted by Jon McQueen with Elite Conditioning from a request for a trainer I had randomly put out online. I found him on Instagram after that and of course stalked it like crazy, curious to see what type of trainer I was talking to. Aside from the obvious and incredibly physiques I saw on his page I also so a lot of food. Real food! Not the boring, kill-me-now sort of meals I had thought I had to endlessly consume to get lean and fit.

It took me about six months of watching and researching to finally commit to train with Jon. I decided that the perfect challenge to really change my body and push my limits was to commit to a fitness competition, a bikini competition to be exact. It was so decidedly out of my comfort range that it just had to be done!

Jon had competed in men’s physique in the past and was already training one other woman for a bikini competition so I was totally confident and comfortable in his ability to help me achieve my goals!

We began talking and discussing my goals and he spoke to me about tracking and counting my macronutrients. The macro ‘thing’ was totally foreign to me. It was very obvious to me though that Jon has a great deal of knowledge about the science and practice of calculating and creating custom macronutrient programs! He took into account my current eating habits and goals and created a totally do-able and healthy program for me. It was a challenge for me, at first, to adjust to my new macro’s program, because I was normally consuming a great deal of carbs and fats and not nearly enough protein! Eventually I nailed it down though!

Once he helped me adjust to my new eating plan he introduced to me my own custom workout regimen.

Jon took into account muscle weakness’ and imbalances in my body so that I could bring an even more amazing body to the stage! The workouts he created were killer to say least! I thought I had been working out before I started training with him but apparently not! We met twice a week for training and I worked out of my own the rest of the days. Even within the first couple of weeks of working out with Jon I was noticing changes in my strength and body! It was so motivating and exciting for me!

One thing that I really liked about Jon’s approach to training, and a major factor in keeping me on point and motivated, was the fact that he was always checking in on me and tracking my progress; not just in inches and pounds lost but in how I was feeling. His training program encompassed every aspect of a healthy life! A competition prep is in no way a walk in the park but his training approach helped to keep me sane while seeing results!

I trained with Jon for 11 weeks and in that time I went from being somewhat average, in my opinion, to stage ready for my very first bikini competition! I lost over ten pounds in that time and I gained such amazing confidence and respect for my body and the things it could do and achieve. Under Jon’s guidance I had finally been able to push my body and mind to see what I was really capable of! I couldn’t be happier with the results and all that Jon taught me! I know that everything he did for me I will carry for the rest of my life. I would absolutely train with him again in a heartbeat!

Haley M.

Personal Training & Contest Prep Client | Oceanside, CA

When I hired my brother, Jon McQueen, for his online nutrition coaching through his company Elite Conditioning, I was already in a good place fitness-wise but had hit a plateau with my weight loss goal.

My journey began December 2nd 2013, on my 30th birthday. It is already an intimidating, often unwelcome, time in a female’s life to turn 30years old, but it was most daunting and disappointing to do so knowing you’re officially weighing the heaviest you’ve ever weighed in your entire life. A lot of people go through the check-lists in life that they’ve succeeded in before turning 30; gaining weight was not one I was planning on. I made a vow –and goal- for myself that day to lose 30lbs in my 30th year of life.

Although I had this goal, I didn’t know how to best execute it. Here I am, a nurse who works varying hours (sometimes 8, sometimes 12), I don’t have any kids but I don’t feel like I had a lot of spare time. I wanted to avoid the gym, especially during the beginning of the year when everyone else was kick starting their New Year’s Resolutions. I needed something reasonable, timely, affordable, and most importantly- effective. I kept seeing the infomercials for Shaun T’s Focus T25 by Beachbody, it seemed to meet all my requirements- and I could do it from home!

I received T25 January 6th and thus started the beginning of my weight loss journey. After the first 5 weeks I had lost 10lbs, the next 4 weeks I lost another 8lbs. But then I got offered a promotion at my work and went from being on the floor- rarely ever sitting, to being behind a desk as a manager. I noticed I had hit a plateau by April, and even repeating Beta cycle of T25 didn’t help to continue the weight loss. I wasn’t getting too discouraged because, frankly, I had a lot on my mind with my new position. But I didn’t want to end up being one of those persons who work behind a desk and GAIN the weight back –and then some- due to the lack of activity at work. I knew the change needed to come from my nutrition. I knew I needed to take in X amount of carbs/protein/fats at X times, but I didn’t know what would be best for myself or my goals and I didn’t want to waste time and months trying to figure it out. I was aware my brother offered nutritional coaching because my husband had hired him earlier that year for both online nutrition and training, so this is who I turned to. However, we live in Portland Oregon and my brother lives in San Diego area, thankfully he has his online coaching program!

What I appreciate and like about having hired Jon is that he is professional and to the point about his coaching. Let me just say I didn’t expect my brother to go easy on me just because “I’m family”, and he didn’t. He gave me a questionnaire to fill out, got my goals and what I was currently doing for exercise, and he provided me with a plan. It took a while for me to get the hang of counting macros and planning meals in general and he was patient while I figured it out and provided me with resources to succeed, but he also let me know when I had to buckle down and get it right so that I could reach my goal. After all, he was and is there to help me do something for me. So I kept up with sending weekly photos and filling out the weekly report form so he could provide me with changes in my plan as changes in my body (or lack thereof) occurred. It was a happy day to break the plateau and get into the 130’s! His online nutrition plan also included cardio coaching, which he specifies HIIT cardio X times/week. This was particularly helpful in reaching my goals. By changing up both my cardio intensity and nutrition, I eventually made it to my goal and lost a total of 30 lbs! I also had a goal to fit into size 6 pants and I surpassed that one- I fit into a size 4!

Jon offers a lot with his online coaching, I haven’t even taken advantage of his weekly Skype or phone consultations, but I know that if I want to- he’ll make it work. I do text or email him with questions, and I get a response within a day or sooner. He provides great tools to help track your progress and also provide a weekly perspective into how you’ve done. He not only cares about what the numbers look like, but also how you’re feeling as this is very important to continue on and maintain health! He posts multiple times a day on social media and helps keep me motivated and inspired. I’m looking forward to the future; now that my initial goals are met, thanks to Jon, I am motivated to continue on with toning up and seeing what my body can do. I know and trust my brother to help me reach and maintain whatever goal I have.

Amanda M.

RN, Online Coaching Client | Santa Rosa, CA

I’ve never cut weight or prepped for a physique or bodybuilding competition before, but I know people that have competed plus I’ve read magazine articles on how others have prepared. I saw that the people I knew were doing hours of cardio each week and eating the same bland unseasoned chicken breast or tilapia with some vegetable and hardly any carbs 3-5 times a day, real low calorie stuff. So, when I started prepping with Elite Conditioning, I thought it would be similar where I would be doing a bunch of cardio but having slightly better food options. Turns out that I didn’t have to do a ton of cardio and I didn’t have to cut my caloric intake dramatically. I was still able to have my Cheetos, Reese’s and cinnamon toast crunch, all in moderation of course. Another thing I liked was that my strength didn’t dramatically decline either. It remained almost on par with what it was before I cut weight. With this being the first time to cut weight, I would imagine this would be the easiest and most desirable way to lose weight. I didn’t have to have the same meal over and over again, day in and day out. I was able to have a variety of choices.”

Darrell M.

RN, Online Coaching Client | San Jose, CA

As a former co-worker of Jon, I can say that he is an honest, committed professional who is always willing to do what he can to help people progress with their own fitness and knowledge of the subject. Thanks for all of your help and advice over the time we shared a training space!”

Tony M.

Owner - ChiSpree, Past Associate | San Diego, CA

I started with Elite Conditioning a little over a year ago, and I must say it’s been an amazing experience. The moment I started boot camp I knew I was in for a good workout; every time you go to class you will notice that its different from the day before. Both Jim and Jon are amazing coaches. They are always happy to assist with any questions and/ or concerns. They work with you if you have injuries, so you will never feel like you are missing out or not doing enough. Throughout my boot camp experience I have been pushed to my absolute best, and I love the fact that both coaches really care about maximizing my workout. I personally find boot camp to be my sanctuary, and I can’t get enough of it. I have reached some personal goals of my own, and I have many more to fulfill. I think I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been and I thank Elite conditioning for helping me with my progress and success. I look at pictures of me a year ago and then I look at pictures of me recently and I love the fact that my muscles are more defined, and I just like the over all feeling that all my hard work is paying off. Both Jim and Jon are very knowledgeable in the fitness/ muscle/ health/ dieting industry, and they are both very willing to help you with anything you might have questions with. I love going to boot camp, I love the other boot campers, we are like a family and everyone treats you like family.

Lissette O.

Boot Camp Member | Oceanside, CA

About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with a sports hernia. I had been struggling through pain for roughly six months continuing to play on a Tuesday night soccer league and allowing my body a week to rest between each game…After the pain became so bad that I could barley walk the morning afterward I just decided to quit. I had been misdiagnosed twice with a strained groin and at twenty-nine I decided that I was just getting too old to compete. After another trip to the doctor I finally began working with a physical therapist who turned me on to core exercises and I began strengthening my abductors and abdominal muscles. Months later I began playing soccer again but always with the concern that I was going to re-injure myself. I first began working out with Jon two months ago with the goal of getting in better athletic shape and losing fat. I have already noticed a tremendous jump in my athletic performance. I compete harder, feel quicker, and more agile, and best of all I’m not concerned that I’m going to hurt myself. Jon has helped me focus on core strengthening and lower body development, two areas that I never bothered training before. I feel healthier, have more energy, and am very pleased with my results!”

Andrew O.

Advertising Sales Manager, Personal Training Client | San Diego, CA

I’ve been training for several years, and for the most part, met my goals. The one I never could reach was getting my body fat as low as I’ve wanted to. After deciding on a new goal to compete in a Men’s Physique competition, I went looking for extra help.

I found Jon’s website and after doing some research I decided he could help. Over a period of several months, Jon worked with me to get my nutrition on track to compete at the end of May. Week to week he evaluated my progress, and made intelligent changes to my nutrition and cardio plan. By following the program, I was able to make constant progress towards my goal of stepping on stage. Partially due to my work and unforeseen circumstances, I wasn’t perfect. I had some setbacks and teeter-tottered a bit through my journey. Jon was very supportive and understanding of that, life happens after all. Jon promotes the dieting concept of If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) which is by far the most comfortable and pain free way to diet. The freedom to eat whatever you want, so long as you can budget for it, makes the process much easier mentally. He is also very knowledgeable on nutrition in general, and answered any questions I came up with along the way.

I was also able to work with Jon to improve my posing prior to my competition. He was very helpful and informative, since I had no previous posing instruction. By following his instruction, I made great improvements in a very short time. The day of my contest, Jon was quick to respond to the many text messages I sent. I had 1,000 questions surrounding the competition day, the tanning process, pre-show nutrition practices, on stage protocol, all of it. He adjusted my program in real time, based on pictures I sent him during the day. Overall the contest preparation was a positive experience and left me hungry to get back on stage.

As I said before, Jon is very knowledgeable, personable, and will certainly get you wherever you’re trying to go. To anyone thinking of competing, or just looking for some extra help reaching their health and fitness goals, I’d highly recommend Jon as a coach.

Danny P.

USMC, Online Coaching & Contest Prep Client | Oceanside, CA

I finally realized that, with as much as I was working out and at the gym, I really wasn’t getting the results or the body that I should have with all the effort that I was putting into it. Something needed to change…I needed help! From the moment I met Jon, I sensed he would be instrumental in getting my body back into the shape I desired. I am, most definitely, in the best shape I have ever been in and I owe this all to him – his professionalism, proficiency, training ethics and expertise. Jon has pushed and challenged me in ways that I never thought were possible. He knows that I can “do it” even before I know I can do it. He inspires and motivates me to go above and beyond my limitations. I have exceeded my goals twice already with Jon. He gives me new boundaries to strive for every single workout and his words of encouragement stay with me long after our sessions are over! I am definitely a changed individual, both inside and out, with the impact that my fabulous trainer has had on my life. He has my highest recommendation. As long as the recipient is giving their utmost, anyone fortunate enough to train with Jon McQueen will attain total satisfaction in meeting their goals.”

Tina P.

Personal Training Client | San Diego, CA

My name is Linda Rivera I take great pleasure in taking this opportunity to acknowledge and commend Jon McQueen for the superior training he provides to all his clients. From what I have observed always from Jon is that he is visibly committed to help anyone who is determined to take that first step on making the great step ever…the change for a better and healthy life style. It has always been evident that Jon’s techniques of training have given excellent results to everyone that has trained with him and continue training with Jon for that very same reason…RESULTS. Moreover, Jon’s knowledge of nutrition helps with those small hurdles we all come to face when changing our lives for the better. Jon demonstrated the highest level of training while at the same time offering the best solution of advance to hardcore training class…Boot Camp. Jon has designed this class to offer the utmost challenge of workouts that promotes conditioning like you would not believe! Without hesitation Jon McQueen is the trainer for anyone who is up for a challenge of hard work training.”

Linda R.

Project Manager, Boot Camp Member | San Diego, CA

I just finished my first week and it feels great! Jon McQueen is very supportive and approachable. I like that he lets me go at my own pace but pushes me to work hard, respectfully. Especially, since I am new to the whole trainer and building muscle 🙂 What I enjoy the most is the workouts are simple to do but work out a variety of muscles. Trust me you feel it the next day and you know your getting stronger.”

Linda S.

Boot Camp Member | Oceanside, CA

For the past year I have been training with Jon McQueen. I work out with Jon two times per week and during that time, I get an intense, personalized, highly effective 50 minutes of training. A few years ago I made a commitment to myself to get personal training. It was a financial commitment as well as a commitment to work hard. I have never regretted this choice because Jon McQueen has made the commitment worth while. I am completely satisfied with the training I have received from Jon. Each workout with Jon is different from the last…with very little equipment. And, he challenges me with exercises that are difficult but always within my abilities. I am constantly amazed at the variety of exercises he comes up with and even after a year of training with him, I am still doing new routines and exercises that are unique and that I’ve never done before. In other words, the sessions are never boring or repetitive. I wholeheartedly recommend Jon to anyone who is looking for a training experience that will bring results. I would be happy to communicate with anyone who has further questions and can be reached at lsuelter@gmail.com Again, I recommend Jon McQueen without reservation.”

Leslie S.

Director of Administration Services, City of Coronado, Personal Training Client & Boot Camp Member | San Diego, CA

When I signed on with Jon, I had already lost 30 lbs with just exercise but I wasn’t seeing the results I really wanted, leaner mid-section, slimmer thighs and more toned physique. Jon helped me acheive what I wanted by following the nutritional plan he created especially for me. I never felt hungry or felt like I was deprived. I ate according to his plan and saw results drastic results in 30 days time. I lost several inches from my waist and thighs. I felt stronger and mentally alert. The support he provided, by weekly check-ins gave me what I needed to stay focused. As I continue on my weight-loss journey I feel great knowing that Jon has my back.

Angelina V.

Personal Training & Online Coaching Client | San Diego, CA

We all can choose how we get older. It makes me sad when I see my mom, who is in her 70’s and she is weak, frail, in a wheelchair from arthritis and osteoporosis. I wish she knew what I know now, that you can postpone and maybe even prevent many conditions of old age.  I also see many older people that I admire, some that are active hiking, biking, swimming, weight training and working out at the gym. I decided that I didn’t want to live the rest of my life getting weaker as I got older. I have done weight training many years of my life, starting in college, a requirement to be strong in the sport I received a scholarship for. I knew the importance of weight training so I continued off and on in my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, but for the most part I worked out on my own following the “program” offered by the gym I joined. Last year I decided to hire a trainer and not only did I get stronger, leaner, and lowered my body fat; but I noticed improvement in my energy, balance, and agility. I stopped training for about 4 months and worked out on my own, and found that I wasn’t continuing to improve.   About a month ago, I started Boot Camp with Jon, it’s amazing that in that short time, I feel stronger, I have more energy, and my clothes are fitting better. It seems like I have gone up a whole other level in conditioning. I have been so impressed with Jon and his knowledge about training, conditioning and nutrition; that I decided to start individual training sessions in addition to Boot Camp. I know I will get results working with Jon; I would see him working with his other clients and saw the results they were getting. With Jon’s extensive experience, you can see that he is very good at what he does, and that he cares about his clients and knows how to get them to reach their goals. My goal is to be hiking, biking, traveling, and snorkeling when I get to be my mom’s age. So for now, I’m working on getting stronger, healthier and putting in the time and financial commitment. I can’t think of a better reason to spend money and time on, but on my health and future. So, we all can choose how we get older, and I’m planning to be kicking and screaming the whole way there.”

Amy W.

Senior Accountant, Personal Training Client & Boot Camp Member | San Diego, CA



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