Total Weight Loss (lbs.)

Total Waist Circumference Loss (in.)

I’ve worked out off and on for quite a numbers of years. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve cancelled and then signed up again for gym memberships. Problem is that I had no results to show for it.

Working out at a gym was ok, but there always seemed to be an excuse not to go, so I purchased my own equipment to work out at home. I bought a “power cage” (squat rack) with barbells, dumbbells, workout bench, powerlifting shoes etc.

I checked out the bodybuilding forums, watched the videos and read the articles. I was informed, I had the equipment, I was motivated.

I spent a solid year training- missing very few workouts. There were some breaks due to catching a flu/colds and one break due to minor surgery. But otherwise, I stayed with it.

I ate, lifted and rested like I thought I was supposed to. I kept a spreadsheet for tracking the weights I lifted so I could gauge the progress. Somewhere toward the end of that year, I read a comment on a forum from someone who replied to a person very similar to me.

The reply to this post was, “Looks like you just wasted a year of your life”… Eye opening for sure!

There is a saying, “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting”. If I wanted real change, I needed to change what I was doing. This meant getting professional help.

Jon at Elite Conditioning stood out as having exactly what I wanted. He was not part of a major gym I would have to join, he was relatively close to my home, was flexible with training days/hours, his rates were fair, he had certifications I thought were important and he was living the training he was teaching…and getting results.

I contacted him in late October 2014 and set up a meeting to go over my struggles, goals and expectations.

It’s now May 2015 and I can honestly say I’ve had more results over the last 7 months than I ever did in the years I’ve trained by myself. I like that Jon uses proven, no fluff, ideas that work. No fad diets, no fad programs, just proven science.

In the end, you need to do this for you. I hope my kids see me working hard and achieving goals and learn some life-long lesson but that would just be icing on the cake. The lesson I learned is that I couldn’t do it on my own. If I wanted results, I needed help. Jon has proven he can get results. Trust the process, love the process.

Mike H.

Escondido, CA