Mark C., Oceanside, CA
Personal Training Client

Total Weight Loss (lbs.)

Total Waist Circumference Loss (in.)

When the excuses finally ran out, I realized it was time to take action about my body and my health. I also knew I needed the direction, support and accountability that come with working with a trainer. I searched and read around for a bit and decided to meet with Jon. When I finally did, I knew he was the right fit for me.

I’ve done a few workout DVDs here and there but nothing I really committed to for a long time. For the most part, I was new to fitness in general. I had a lot of body fat on me and didn’t have a lot strength. Jon is incredibly supportive and knew how to keep me motivated. He’s professional but very approachable. It didn’t take long to see that my body was changing. The body fat was dropping and I was getting stronger. The interesting thing about it was, I was also having fun.

I learned a lot from Jon, the most important of which are consistency, dedication and discipline. I have a primary goal that was for my health (I have a family history of diabetes). But to be completely honest, my personal goal was to not be completely embarrassing with my shirt off. Thanks to Jon’s support, I now have a direction to go to where I was mostly clueless before.

Mark C.

Oceanside, CA