In 2014 I set a goal to compete in my first ever fitness competition. I have been weight training for a year consistently and as a single mom consumed with my daughter and life I decided to set a personal fitness goal!

I reached out to Jon McQueen owner of Elite Conditioning, and he promised me he would work closely with me to reach my goal and compete in my first Figure Competition. He helped me weekly with my diet and macro nutrient goals as well as keeping me on track and focused on the bigger picture. One of the biggest lessons I discovered through this process is walking on stage is not the end result. There is much work and preparation that goes into competing before and after. You have to build a strong foundation mentally and physically. Working with the right coach is imperative. I personally loved the way Jon maintained my program throughout my prep down to the last detail. He held me accountable and was right there to cheer me on and acknowledge my achievements no matter how big or small. This meant so much to me. Going through this experience there are highs and lows and its important you have a strong support group. I felt great during the entire process and would highly recommend Jon for any fitness goal you may have. Be it competing or just looking to be your personal best. With his instruction and nutrition guidelines I coasted on into my first Figure Competition and won two trophies!! Not bad for a first time single mom of 39!! I feel stronger than I ever have and in the best shape of my life. After the show Jon also helped me with reverse dieting so as to not blow up after or suffer from post comp bindging and excess weight gain. This aspect is also very important and having someone competent like Jon made all the difference!! He has become my rock! I can’t express the gratitude I feel for having such an amazing person beside me the whole way. Our working relationship continues to this day and I know I will count on him for any and all of my fitness needs and goals. Nothing is out of your reach with hard work, consistency, and passion!!

Hilary B.

Cotati, CA

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