Haley M., Oceanside, CA
Personal Training Client

When I first started working out and getting serious about weight lifting it was more than about getting healthy, I wanted to see what my body was capable of!

I tried and I tried on my own and just couldn’t mind the motivation and accountability that I needed to transform my body. I was pretty clueless, especially when it came to what to eat to achieve my goals! I had always tried to “eat clean” and sure, I had results, but the thought of having to eat boiled chicken and steamed broccoli the rest of my life to maintain the little results I achieved was terrifying. I needed to try a different approach!

I had been contacted by Jon McQueen with Elite Conditioning from a request for a trainer I had randomly put out online. I found him on Instagram after that and of course stalked it like crazy, curious to see what type of trainer I was talking to. Aside from the obvious and incredibly physiques I saw on his page I also so a lot of food. Real food! Not the boring, kill-me-now sort of meals I had thought I had to endlessly consume to get lean and fit.

It took me about six months of watching and researching to finally commit to train with Jon. I decided that the perfect challenge to really change my body and push my limits was to commit to a fitness competition, a bikini competition to be exact. It was so decidedly out of my comfort range that it just had to be done!

Jon had competed in men’s physique in the past and was already training one other woman for a bikini competition so I was totally confident and comfortable in his ability to help me achieve my goals!

We began talking and discussing my goals and he spoke to me about tracking and counting my macronutrients. The macro ‘thing’ was totally foreign to me. It was very obvious to me though that Jon has a great deal of knowledge about the science and practice of calculating and creating custom macronutrient programs! He took into account my current eating habits and goals and created a totally do-able and healthy program for me. It was a challenge for me, at first, to adjust to my new macro’s program, because I was normally consuming a great deal of carbs and fats and not nearly enough protein! Eventually I nailed it down though!

Once he helped me adjust to my new eating plan he introduced to me my own custom workout regimen.

Jon took into account muscle weakness’ and imbalances in my body so that I could bring an even more amazing body to the stage! The workouts he created were killer to say least! I thought I had been working out before I started training with him but apparently not! We met twice a week for training and I worked out of my own the rest of the days. Even within the first couple of weeks of working out with Jon I was noticing changes in my strength and body! It was so motivating and exciting for me!

One thing that I really liked about Jon’s approach to training, and a major factor in keeping me on point and motivated, was the fact that he was always checking in on me and tracking my progress; not just in inches and pounds lost but in how I was feeling. His training program encompassed every aspect of a healthy life! A competition prep is in no way a walk in the park but his training approach helped to keep me sane while seeing results!

I trained with Jon for 11 weeks and in that time I went from being somewhat average, in my opinion, to stage ready for my very first bikini competition! I lost over ten pounds in that time and I gained such amazing confidence and respect for my body and the things it could do and achieve. Under Jon’s guidance I had finally been able to push my body and mind to see what I was really capable of! I couldn’t be happier with the results and all that Jon taught me! I know that everything he did for me I will carry for the rest of my life. I would absolutely train with him again in a heartbeat!

Haley M.