Darrell M., RN – San Jose, CA
Online Coaching Client | Contest Prep Client

I’ve never cut weight or prepped for a physique or bodybuilding competition before, but I know people that have competed plus I’ve read magazine articles on how others have prepared. I saw that the people I knew were doing hours of cardio each week and eating the same bland unseasoned chicken breast or tilapia with some vegetable and hardly any carbs 3-5 times a day, real low calorie stuff. So, when I started prepping with Elite Conditioning, I thought it would be similar where I would be doing a bunch of cardio but having slightly better food options. Turns out that I didn’t have to do a ton of cardio and I didn’t have to cut my caloric intake dramatically. I was still able to have my Cheetos, Reese’s and cinnamon toast crunch, all in moderation of course. Another thing I liked was that my strength didn’t dramatically decline either. It remained almost on par with what it was before I cut weight. With this being the first time to cut weight, I would imagine this would be the easiest and most desirable way to lose weight. I didn’t have to have the same meal over and over again, day in and day out. I was able to have a variety of choices.

Darrell M.