Amanda M., RN – Santa Rosa, CA
Online Coaching Client

When I hired my brother, Jon McQueen, for his online nutrition coaching through his company ELITE CONDITIONING, I was already in a good place fitness-wise but had hit a plateau with my weight loss goal.

My journey began December 2nd 2013, on my 30th birthday. It is already an intimidating, often unwelcome, time in a female’s life to turn 30years old, but it was most daunting and disappointing to do so knowing you’re officially weighing the heaviest you’ve ever weighed in your entire life. A lot of people go through the check-lists in life that they’ve succeeded in before turning 30; gaining weight was not one I was planning on. I made a vow –and goal- for myself that day to lose 30lbs in my 30th year of life.

Although I had this goal, I didn’t know how to best execute it. Here I am, a nurse who works varying hours (sometimes 8, sometimes 12), I don’t have any kids but I don’t feel like I had a lot of spare time. I wanted to avoid the gym, especially during the beginning of the year when everyone else was kick starting their New Year’s Resolutions. I needed something reasonable, timely, affordable, and most importantly- effective. I kept seeing the infomercials for Shaun T’s Focus T25 by Beachbody, it seemed to meet all my requirements- and I could do it from home!

I received T25 January 6th and thus started the beginning of my weight loss journey. After the first 5 weeks I had lost 10lbs, the next 4 weeks I lost another 8lbs. But then I got offered a promotion at my work and went from being on the floor- rarely ever sitting, to being behind a desk as a manager. I noticed I had hit a plateau by April, and even repeating Beta cycle of T25 didn’t help to continue the weight loss. I wasn’t getting too discouraged because, frankly, I had a lot on my mind with my new position. But I didn’t want to end up being one of those persons who work behind a desk and GAIN the weight back –and then some- due to the lack of activity at work. I knew the change needed to come from my nutrition. I knew I needed to take in X amount of carbs/protein/fats at X times, but I didn’t know what would be best for myself or my goals and I didn’t want to waste time and months trying to figure it out. I was aware my brother offered nutritional coaching because my husband had hired him earlier that year for both online nutrition and training, so this is who I turned to. However, we live in Portland Oregon and my brother lives in San Diego area, thankfully he has his online coaching program!

What I appreciate and like about having hired Jon is that he is professional and to the point about his coaching. Let me just say I didn’t expect my brother to go easy on me just because “I’m family”, and he didn’t. He gave me a questionnaire to fill out, got my goals and what I was currently doing for exercise, and he provided me with a plan. It took a while for me to get the hang of counting macros and planning meals in general and he was patient while I figured it out and provided me with resources to succeed, but he also let me know when I had to buckle down and get it right so that I could reach my goal. After all, he was and is there to help me do something for me. So I kept up with sending weekly photos and filling out the weekly report form so he could provide me with changes in my plan as changes in my body (or lack thereof) occurred. It was a happy day to break the plateau and get into the 130’s! His online nutrition plan also included cardio coaching, which he specifies HIIT cardio X times/week. This was particularly helpful in reaching my goals. By changing up both my cardio intensity and nutrition, I eventually made it to my goal and lost a total of 30 lbs! I also had a goal to fit into size 6 pants and I surpassed that one – I fit into a size 4!

Jon offers a lot with his online coaching, I haven’t even taken advantage of his weekly Skype or phone consultations, but I know that if I want to- he’ll make it work. I do text or email him with questions, and I get a response within a day or sooner. He provides great tools to help track your progress and also provide a weekly perspective into how you’ve done. He not only cares about what the numbers look like, but also how you’re feeling as this is very important to continue on and maintain health! He posts multiple times a day on social media and helps keep me motivated and inspired. I’m looking forward to the future; now that my initial goals are met, thanks to Jon, I am motivated to continue on with toning up and seeing what my body can do. I know and trust my brother to help me reach and maintain whatever goal I have.

Amanda M.

RN - Santa Rosa, CA