Adriana C., Veterinary Technician – San Diego, CA
Personal Training Client

Body Transformation

So, I was always a big girl. The kind of girl that at 11 years old measures 5’5”, weight 155lbs, and is fully developed. I was the fat cousin in the family always beating everyone to the punches and insulting myself before they could get to me; a well known defense mechanism. In high school I measured 5’8” and weighed 185lbs. my final 2 years at SDSU I put on the most weight tipping the loathed scale at 210lbs with a dress size of 16-17 and have no one to blame but myself. I didn’t eat a lot but what I did eat was crap, with no physical activity whatsoever except working as a veterinary technician which I felt was more than enough exercise!

Well, my weight and all the insecurities that come with it kept me from doing things I enjoyed such as singing in front of people, going to the clubs downtown with my slimmer friends and worst of all it had me fearing a massive coronary at a young age. I hoped I would get a Trainer that would kick my butt and make my lazy ass work! Sometimes you get just what you ask for and his name is Jon McQueen.

I realized that my knees were impeding me from doing certain exercises and that if I continued without proper guidance I was going to hurt myself. Jon assured me he was certified to work with my hindrance so I signed up and haven’t looked back. I lost 59lbs with his help, not to mention the muscle mass I am building. The scale hardly budges now but I fit into size 7 jeans the other day and I still have a long way to go. I am not even close to done!!!

Jon is incredibly professional and he will push you to points you didn’t even know you could reach. Always working with you though, he always asks about my knees and in the rare occasions that they flare up he will instantly change whatever workout he had planned, but don’t think he’ll go easy on you, I still sweat as if I had just done 45 minutes of cardio. I can’t do a pull-up but he told me I would and you know what, I believe him. I thank him after each session of kick-ass Training but I don’t think he realizes that I am not only thanking him for his time that he puts into that one session, I am thanking him for the impact he has had on my life and how grateful I am.

Personal Trainers are here to show us what we can do on our own to better our lives but we have to have that drive and take the initiative. It isn’t supposed to be easy, and if it is, then you’re not working hard enough. So thank you Jon, for helping me become the person I knew was always there: The best possible version of me!”

Adriana C.

Veterinary Technician