Now is the time where people are thinking and planning their New Year’s resolutions. One of the most common resolutions you hear from people is that they’re going to ‘get in shape’ or ‘lose weight’, which is AWESOME, but as you may have heard from many fitness professionals and/or friends is that those who set and start their fitness resolutions start off strong but some, if not many, slow down or stop all together within a couple weeks, months, etc. I’ve noticed this first hand from the gyms. I notice that the month of January is packed with people getting or trying to get into shape, then once February comes around, half the people are gone. Why is this? And I would like to give you my opinion as of why this happens and give some good advice to stay on a CONSISTENT path to reach your goals and fitness resolution.

There’s many factors as of why people may stop trying to reach their goals and continue with their fitness resolutions and here are some examples:

  • Lack of goal setting
  • Too far fetched goal(s) for the goal date they have in mind
  • Not a consistent game plan (what types of workouts they’ll be doing and nutrition plan)
  • Lack of discipline, accountability, and soon, motivation
  • Frustration with changes not happening as soon/fast as they want them too
  • Following a generic workout routine from a magazine or friend with a different goal
  • Inconsistent eating/nutrition plan

These are just some examples and they’re probably more. (Feel free to leave your comments on some reasons you think are why people don’t continue on their fitness resolution)

Here are some suggestions that will help you stay on a CONSISTENT path with your fitness resolution(s), and help reach your goals:

  • As you many have noticed, I state CONSISTENT with all caps because to me consistency is what’s going to keep you ‘sane’ and on track to reach any goal you may have. No one can be perfect in their fitness/nutrition goals, but everyone can be CONSISTENT.
  • Buy/get a notebook dedicated to your Fitness Goals.
  • Write down your game plan (what you’ll be doing step by step to make sure you stay on track towards your fitness goals)
  • Game plan includes: Long-term goals, Short-term goals, your workout routine (what days you’ll perform resistance training (weight-lifting)), types of exercises that will help reach YOUR goals, YOUR cardio program (follow this acronym: FITT:
    • Frequency (how many times/days you’ll perform cardio)
    • Intensity (how hard you’ll perform cardio)
    • Time (how long you’ll perform cardio; this is dependent on Intensity)
    • Type (what type of cardio will you perform; i.e. treadmill, elliptical, bike, jog, etc.)
  • YOUR nutrition plan that will benefit and support your goals and training, time of day you’ll be training, etc.
  • What you will also want to write down is time you sleep and how much you sleep each night, for this effects your training performance in a positive or negative way.
  • Make sure your goals are realistic and you’re able to reach them in a reasonable amount of time. (Keep in mind that losing 1lb to 2lbs of FAT per week is realistic, DON’T EXPECT TO LOSE MORE THAN 2LBS OF FAT IN ONE WEEK).
  • Embed this into your brain: Increasing your lean muscle, increases your metabolism; losing muscle, decreases your metabolism. So make sure you DO resistance training (weight-lifting).

BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR GAME PLAN, RESISTANCE TRAINING, CARDIO, NUTRITION. STAY MOTIVATED, ACCOUNTABLE, AND DISCIPLINED. Having a workout partner with the same goals as you also helps you stay on track towards your fitness resolution and goal(s).

If this seems all to complicated or you feel you lack some of these characteristics (i.e. motivation, accountability) or want more information on how to create a workout program, game plan, structured cardio program, nutrition plan, etc. then contact your local Fitness Professional for help.

One thing to take away from this blog post is be CONSISTENT, CONSISTENT, CONSISTENT.