Personal Training
  • Where are the Personal Training sessions held? Personal Training sessions are held at Jon McQueen’s home/garage gym located in Carlsbad, CA 92010. For more information, please contact Jon McQueen
  • How long do the Personal Training sessions last? Personal Training sessions last approximately fifty (50) minutes. Please arrive to your scheduled appointment on-time to maximize your session duration.
  • What’s included in Elite Conditioning’s Personal Training service? Our Personal Training service is considered our highest level of service offered as the client receives in-person sessions to teach and assist with form/technique, provide additional push, motivation, and accountability. On top of our in-person sessions, our Personal Training service includes: a completed and evolving training program, cardio protocol, flexible nutrition plan, weekly check-ins, program adjustments, unlimited support, tools, templates, videos, and other helpful resources to help the client along the way, and much more.
  • How much does Personal Training cost? Our Personal Training service rate varies depending on session frequency per week as well as level of commitment. Please schedule your complimentary consultation to further discuss your goals and identify which service is right for your needs and budget, CLICK HERE.
  • What are Elite Conditioning’s Personal Training Policies? For the updated version of Elite Conditioning’s Personal Training Policies & Procedures, CLICK HERE.
Online Coaching
  • How does Online Coaching work? Our Online Coaching program(s) work exactly like our Personal Training service, with the exception of the client physically coming to our location to train. This saves time for both the client and the trainer/coach, therefore the cost for this service is more budget friendly than our Personal Training service. This service best suits individuals who’re either not local to the North County San Diego area and/or who want the guidance, creation, and management of their personalized training and/or nutrition program to help them reach their goals. For more information about out Online Coaching service, please contact Jon McQueen.
  • What’s the best Online Coaching option for me? We offer three Online Coaching services based on the client’s specific needs, and they are: Training only, Nutrition only, and Elite (Training & Nutrition). Our recommended Online Coaching service is the Elite Package, as it’s the service that mimics our Personal Training service, and everything is included, minus physically coming to training sessions (this is done solely by client). If you’re someone who just needs nutritional assistance and your training program is solid, then the Nutrition Package would best suit your needs. If you’re someone who has great nutrition and just need training development and guidance, then the Training Package would be best. For more information, please schedule your complimentary consultation, CLICK HERE.
  • What’s included with the Online Coaching service? This will depend on which service options the client chooses. If the client chooses our Elite Package, everything is included as stated in our Personal Training service with the exception of in-person sessions (please reference our Personal Training FAQs section for more details or CLICK HERE to view our Online Coaching page). If the client has a great training program and just needs nutritional guidance, then our Nutrition Package will be best. They will receive a custom flexible nutrition plan that’s based on macronutrient tracking specific to the client’s goal. The client will receive their nutrition plan, Weekly Tracking Workbook, and other tools, templates, videos, and helpful resources to be successful. If the client has great nutrition and just needs a great training program to follow, then the Training Package will be best. They will receive their personalized training program built out every 4-weeks, along with their cardio protocol (if needed). They will receive their training program in two template forms: PDF and Excel, and will also received the Weekly Tracking Workbook. For more information, please contact Jon McQueen.



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