Contest Prep
Men's Physique Prep

Jon McQueen

Men’s Physique

Woman's Figure

Hilary Buchar

Women's Bikini Prep

Krystl Weidman


Men's Physique Prep

Darrell Mondares

Men’s Physique

Bikini Prep

Haley McLean


Have aspirations to compete in your first fitness competition, or looking for a new contest prep coach to guide you all the way through your contest, even post-contest? Let Jon McQueen coach you from start to finish.

Jon McQueen’s contest prep methods are stated to be enjoyable, utilizing real exercise and nutritional science to get your body where it should be for your competition without endless hours of cardio and “cookie-cutter” diet plans. In fact, Jon wants to get you winning results with minimal cardio and allowing you to eat what you want.

NPC Men's Physique

Darrell M.

NPC Women's Figure

Hilary Buchar

NPC Women's Bikini

Haley M.

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