Carlsbad Personal Training


1-on-1, Sports Performance, Small Group/Partner, Youth, and Senior Training personalized to YOU!

Online Coaching


Your very own Coach guiding you all the way to your goals, offering personalized Training and/or Nutrition programs that evolve as you do.

Contest Prep


Complete resistance training & cardio program, evolving nutrition plan & supplement recommendations, posing & stage presence, peak week plan, post-competition reverse diet, and more.



Online Coaching

Darrell M. | Online Coaching Client - San Jose, CA

“I’ve never cut weight or prepped for a physique or bodybuilding competition before, but I know people that have competed plus I’ve read magazine articles on how others have prepared. I saw that the people I knew were doing hours of cardio each week and eating the same bland unseasoned chicken breast or tilapia with some vegetable and hardly any carbs 3-5 times a day, real low calorie stuff. So, when I started prepping with Elite Conditioning, I…”

Personal Training

Adriana C. | Personal Training Client - San Diego, CA

“So, I was always a big girl. The kind of girl that at 11 years old measures 5’5”, weight 155lbs, and is fully developed. I was the fat cousin in the family always beating everyone to the punches and insulting myself before they could get to me; a well known defense mechanism. In high school I measured 5’8” and weighed 185lbs. my final 2 years at SDSU I put on the most weight tipping the loathed scale at 210lbs with a dress size of…”

Personal Training

Haley McLean | Personal Training Client - Oceanside, CA

“I had been contacted by Jon McQueen with Elite Conditioning from a request for a trainer I had randomly put out online. I found him on Instagram after that and of course stalked it like crazy, curious to see what type of trainer I was talking to. Aside from the obvious and incredibly physiques I saw on his page I also so a lot of food. Real food! Not the boring, kill-me-now sort of meals I had thought I had to endlessly consume to get lean and fit…”

Trust the Process. Love the Progress.

- Jon McQueen

Fitness Training and Nutrition programs personalized to YOU to optimize results and help you reach your fitness goals. From 1-on-1, Small Group/Partner, Sports Performance, Youth and Older Adult Training.

Fitness Consultation

Your very own fitness and nutrition coach guiding and supporting you all the way to your goals by creating Training and/or Nutrition programs personalized to you, and managed virtually. Programs evolve as you do.

Fitness Consultation

Challenge your physical and mental toughness in the beautiful outdoors of Oceanside, CA! Voted North County San Diego’s #1 “BEST Boot Camp”, by the people on San Diego A-List in 2012 (#4 in ALL of San Diego County)!

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